Cannibal Hunter The Ancient Warriors - Wolf Story

Cannibal Hunter "The Ancient Warriors"

Cannibal Hunter is the story about a soldier who belongs to a special family who have been experts in hunting werewolves for over four hundred years.

Most people can’t see them or even believe that they actually exist but there are some who know how to contact them in emergencies so whenever werewolves become a threat, the cannibal hunters are contacted by their secret agents for protection.

The king of the werewolves is desperate to create a powerful werewolf kingdom but as nobody knows where they live, the cannibal hunters find it very difficult to find him. However, one day the soldier is contracted to kill a werewolf and after severely wounding his victim, follows it to a mysterious dark castle. 

The soldier follows the dying creature inside and soon finds out the castle is the lair of the feared werewolf king himself.