Clint's Feedback

Chris Burns - IOS 7 Weather Animations

Ended - Mar 20, 2014

Feedback to FreelancerSumit provides the highest quality of work and is always getting the jobs done within deadlines. He is also easy to communicate with and always available. I will definitely hire Sumit again many times in the future and I highly recommend his services. 5 stars from me!

Dan McGrow - Seuss Background

Ended - Mar 10, 2014

Feedback to FreelancerSumit continues to come back with fantastic artwork. He main concern is hitting our targets both in terms of time and creatively.

Alice Stone - book cover cartoon illustration artist

Ended - Mar 1, 2014

Feedback to FreelancerSumit Kumar is an excellent graphic artist! If you get a chance review his site.

John McCombs - Super hero comic web page final design

Ended - Jan 19, 2014

Feedback to FreelancerCame out with great sketches for my comic, and final design was well done.

Dan McGrow - Photoshop guru

Ended - Oct 23, 2013

Feedback to FreelancerSumit is a true artist and a great team player.

Dan McGrow - Backgrounds like Wizard of Oz

Ended - Sep 24, 2013

Feedback to FreelancerWhat a fantastic talent for backgrounds, graphics and all other art direction. Great communication and delivery.

Hunter & Associates, PA - Cartoonist

Ended - Jan 7, 2013

Feedback to FreelancerGreat to work with, very professional. Proactively sought direction. Wonderful results.

Erki Ze Iski - children's book illustration

Ended - Mar 9, 2013

Feedback to Freelancer

Sumit competent and responsive to requests with a lot of patience. With a little more attention to detail, you just to be even higher level, highest level you've found it. Many thanks

Erki Ze Iski - children's book illustration

Ended - Mar 4, 2013

Feedback to Freelancer

Sumit Kumar is a professional, with lots of patience, and the right way. Divya, pleasure working with you/ Many thanks with respect, Aviv

Illes Ignath - Trailer Animation Team

Ended - Oct 3, 2012

Feedback to Freelancer

SKG was a pleasure to work with. Very talented.

Mae Productions Inc - comic book /anime artist

Ended - Nov 5, 2012

Feedback to FreelancerGreat job! Will consider for other projects!

One-Time Enterprises - Character Design Test

Ended - Sep 23, 2012

Feedback to FreelancerSumit completed the work on time and according to expectations.

Best To Windward - Viral Video Tech

Ended - Sep 6, 2012

Feedback to FreelancerGreat little cartoon clip, thanks.

MoGo Products - Animation Developer

Ended - Aug 9, 2012

Feedback to Freelancer

Excellent communication and did the job, would hire again.

Scot Sax - Wanderlust

Ended - Aug 5, 2012

Feedback to FreelancerNice people, great work and reliable. Love the video!

The Lefkoe Institute - Cartoonist

Ended - May 1, 2012

Feedback to Freelancer

SKG did high quality drawings in a very short time period. Also made sure that she showed us various options for what the characters in the drawings would look like before proceeding which was very helpful.

Wasatch Management & Consulting LLC - Azology Character Development

Ended - Apr 25, 2012

Feedback to FreelancerThey did a great job much faster than I was able to respond due to my client's availability. Thanks a bunch.

Goals that evolve - Logo redesign

Ended - Mar 6, 2012

Feedback to FreelancerSKG did a great job would recommend to people for other Jobs in the future.